Mutoid Man at The Pyramid Scheme

Since I’ve been shooting for Rock at Night, I keep forgetting to create a blog post about each shows I’ve attended/took photos. 

The best show I‘ve shoot for so far was the Mutoid Man show at the Pyramid Scheme in September. 

I got into Mutoid Man, earlier this summer after checking out Frank Huang’s video of them playing at the Saint Vitus Bar. I was amazed on how funny, talented this band is. After seeing this video, I wanted to see them live ASAP. After seeing they were coming here this fall, I right away emailed my editor-in-chief to see if I could shoot them! I got the ok and I headed to Grand Rapids to see them play, at one of the best venues in Michigan, The Pyramid Scheme. All I can say is the pyramid scheme is a great venue. It’s on a street where they are other bars, a great sandwich restaurant (Sandwich named after famous beards?!!!), and it has a pinball machines area. So if they are band/singers you don’t like, instead of staying in the venue, go and play some pinball machines.

Watching them live is quite amusing. They are very silly and I don’t know when the last time I’ve laughed that much at a show. Both of their albums are interesting, fast. What drew me to Mutoid Man was how they were able to blend so many genres of metal/rock into a song.  Not too many bands can do that type of blending (I think). 

Here are some photos of Mutoid Man and my review at Rock at Night here.

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