About Haintso Rakouth Photography

I was told the first time I heard music, I was shaking it in my diapers. Some years later, I fell in love with music. I grew to appreciate so many genre of music that when I was in college, I wrote down as a goal, I need to see at least one artist from all the genre of music I loved. So far that goal has been somewhat been accomplished (need to see a Peruvian band soon!)

Another thing that holds dearly to my heart is photography. I love being able to capture a moment and share it with others.  Music and Photography are two great combination together. You get to watch your favorite artists on stage and then take photos of them. 

I mainly do concert photography, but I also do time to time event photography. I love being able to take photos and then connect with the attendees or host of the event. 

If you are ever in need of photos taking for an event or your show, contact me.

Be Patient. Learn. Enjoy. Share

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